Enrico Garfield

After working for many years as a Massage Therapist in Italy and Mexico, Enrico studied Physiotherapy obtaining a BSc (hons) degree from the University of Padua. Enrico’s dissertation focused on the treatment of patients affected by cerebellar damage.

During his formative years as a Physio, Enrico was able to work in the Italian National Health System gaining experience in many different aspects of rehabilitation including Orthopaedics, Neurology and Cardio-Respiratory conditions.

Enrico is a passionate and versatile Physiotherapist he believes physiotherapy should be about maximising the client’s movement possibilities.  He treats Musculo-skeletal injuries with an integrated neuro-muscular approach.

In the private sector Enrico has worked both independently and in a private multidisciplinary clinic specialising in Musculo-skeletal injuries. Here he worked in conjunction with orthopaedic specialists and had a chance to treat athletes who competed in the Italian Olympic team.

A specialist Physiotherapist Enrico treats Musculo-skeletal conditions utilising manual therapy and aims to empower the patient through self-management and guided exercise. His approach is based on the integration of neurological and muscular features of movement. This aims to maximise recovery and achieve effective long term results.

A multi linguist Enrico speaks English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

A keen sportsman he has studied Muay Thai, Aerial Acrobatics  and Postural Training.

His current exercise regime includes Capoeira, swimming and running.

A keen musician he is a semi-professional singer and plays the guitar and drums.

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