Pilates is a system of exercise/rehabilitation that was developed by Joseph. H. Pilates in the early part of the last century.

The first Pilates Studio opened in New York around 1926 and the system of precise exercises performed against spring resistance on specially designed machines or on mats was quickly embraced by the dance community as the perfect compliment to dance training and in the rehabilitation and prevention of dance injuries. Devotees of the Pilates method included members of what was to become New York City Ballet and Modern Dance pioneers such as Martha Graham. Pilates rehabilitation (Clinical Pilates) and Pilates fitness programmes are now being administered in clinics, studios and dance companies all over the world.

Clinical Pilates is Pilates that is specifically used for rehabilitation from conditions such as low back pain, sports injury or following surgery and is usually carried out by or under the supervision of rehabilitation professionals such as physiotherapists who have postgraduate qualifications in Clinical Pilates.

These programmes are designed to return the client to optimum function in their own environment this could be the home, office or up to elite sporting level. At The Practice our physiotherapists are all leading specialists in Clinical Pilates and work with clients with a wide spectrum of needs.

We specialise in women’s health, pre and post natal Pilates, osteoporosis programmes, dance and sports injury rehabilitation,”Pre-ab” i.e. preparation (strengthening, conditioning) prior to an operation and post op rehabilitation following surgery. Our client base includes mothers, office workers amateur/elite sportsmen and dancers, We are also the Practice of choice for pilates instructors and health care practitioners who wish to further develop their knowledge and expertise in the area of clinical pilates. Each client is assessed by a physiotherapist and prescribed an individual Clinical Pilates programme to address their particular need.

Clients are seen privately or in small group sessions of practitioner ratios of 1:2 or a maximum of 1:3.