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Formerly a student of the London Contemporary Dance School, Benji has since gone on to perform as a dancer in many stage and television shows. He then went on to become a fitness instructor teaching dance, aerobics and Pilates and worked abroad in Italy for 6 years combining and developing his experience.


Since his return to the UK he has completed a year’s Pilates teacher training course with Alan Herdman and is currently working with rehab, general fitness and fine tuning the professionals.


Benji aims to give his clients a sense of awareness by developing both the mind and body to support a healthy positive lifestyle. Centring and balancing the body is fundamental as it ensures alignment and

stability for the individual. The control of the breath allows you to deepen the internal work of the muscles and to relax and focus the mind.


Whether it be a strong dynamic class you want or a gentle class to stabilise joints and align muscles, Benji’s ability to adapt and suit movement to the individual is the key to his and the clients’ enjoyment and stimulation.

Pilates Practitioner

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